Many Official and third-party MIUI themes are available for Xiaomi Mi and Redmi devices, but you will come across ‘rejected 402’ errors when installing themes from third party sources. However, there is a solution to fix the third party theme error 402 on any Xiaomi Mi and Redmi devices runs MIUI 8 ROM. Also, the fix does not require root access on the phone.

The Theme Engine in Xiaomi devices lets you turn your Mi/Redmi device into a whole new with new UI, wallpapers and sounds. Besides official MIUI themes, many beautiful third-part themes are available for Xiaomi devices. However, as said above installing third party themes on Xiaomi devices is a tricky job unless you are a theme developer. You will get error downloadauth rejected 402.


In this guide we show you how to fix third-part theme error (402) on any Xiaomi device runs MIUI 8 ROM with MIUI Theme Editor app. This method does not require unlocked bootloader and root access on the phone.

MIUI Theme Editor is a free download on Play store, which helps you apply your third-party MIUI theme on your phone without the error.

How to Fix Third Party Theme Error (402) on Xiaomi Mi/Redmi Devices

1. Go to Play store [HERE] and install the MIUI Theme Editor app.

2. Run the Theme Editor app and tap ‘Browse’ button.

3. Navigate the MIUI theme file (.mtz file) you have saved on your phone storage.

Fix Third Party Theme Error (402) on Xiaomi Mi/Redmi Devices

4. In the next screen, you will see the edit options. Just skip this option and tap next.

5. Tap on the ‘Finish’ button (it will take some time to complete).

6. Once the process is done, you will see an option ‘do you want to install the theme’? Just tap on ‘OK’ button.

That’s it. Open Theme Manager App on your phone,  browse the theme you just saved and apply it.

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