Vanished apps icons from your Galaxy S4’s app launcher? Here is how to fix the issue. Even if you can see apps are listed in the Application Manager as well as on Google Play ‘my apps’ section, you can’t launch them, as the app icons (app shortcuts) are disappeared from the launcher. Not only on Galaxy S4, many users are experiencing the same issue on other Samsung devices.



This appears to be a problem with Samsung’s Touchwiz Launcher. You can easily get rid of this issue by clearing data from TouchWiz Home. However, keep in mind that it will reset your entire Home screen and launcher settings back to their defaults.

– From the Home screen, press Menu and select Settings.
– Select the More tab and choose Application manager.
– Select All tab and scroll down and select TouchWiz home.
– Tap the Clear data button.

This should reset Touchwiz when you restart the launcher. Now if you tap the App Launcher, all of your installed apps should appear.

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  1. Do you have to rebuild your homescreens and all the icons you put on them after clearing the touchwiz data. (Yes this is still happening even 4 years later?

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