Looking for a simple solution to download anything from your Android phone to your PC or upload anything from your PC to Android phone without connecting via USB cable? Here is how you can simply do that with a little Android app called DroidXPlorer. On your PC nothing to install, just need an active Wi-Fi connection and web browser like Firefox, Chrome or IE.

DroidXPlorer is a handy application for any Android user who want to transfer any file between their phone and computer wirelessly. You can browse your Android phone or tablet just using your computer’s web browser and transfer files between them.



How to use DroidXplorer?

DroidXPlorer is extremely simple to use and no configuration is required. Just install the app from Play Store, run it, tap on “Inactive/Active” button, copy the URL displayed on the screen to your computer’s browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


From the web browser, you can browse, download or upload files, stream video, audio and more.

Also, if you’re worried about someone else sneaking in to your phone within the same Wi-Fi network, just go to Settings and activate password protection.

Note: The app works only if both your Android device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can download DroidXPlorer in the Google Play Store for free.


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