WhatsApp stores all your conversations, downloaded images, audio files and video files on your Android device. Overtime it’ll takes up more space on your device and in extreme cases you will get “not enough memory” message. If you want to delete all useless files from WhatsApp, here is a little tool to assist you. Called WCleaner it is designed to clean WhatsApp files that are stored in your phone.

WCleaner is a quite simple to use tool that lets you delete all garbage or selectively delete useless files from WhatsApp and helps you save space on your device.


Working of WCleaner

– Download and install WCleaner from Play Store.

– After running the app, it’ll scans your WhatsApp and displays all file types along with corresponding sizes.


– Here you can delete either every files or individually select files to delete.

– Also, you can move all those files that you don’t need to delete to your SD card


WCleaner (currently beta) can be downloaded from Play Store for free.


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