Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S4 is really fast, but not including the home button key. The action of home button in S4 isn’t instantaneous; it waits for a moment for the action to take place. If this little lag is an issue for you, read after the break to know why it is and how to solve this issue with a few steps.

The culprit that delays the action of home button in Galaxy S4 is its built-in voice assistant app S Voice. In GS4, double taping the home key will launch S Voice. That means, every time you tap the Home button, your GS4 is waiting for the next tap to see if it needs to launch S Voice.


If you aren’t a frequent user of S Voice you can fix the delay of Home button action by disabling “Open Via Home Key” option from S Voice settings menu.

How to Fix Galaxy S4 Home Button Lag

Open up the S Voice app, tap Menu button (usually on the left of Home button), and tap “Settings”. Then uncheck the option “Open Via the  Home Key”. That’s it.


Note: To launch S Voice, either you can straight to the app, use it as a widget on home screen.

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