For Android phone or tablet without a memory card slot, you can use a USB OTG (USB On-the-Go) adapter and add a flash drive to increase the storage space so you can carry all your media contents on the flash drive. But, unfortunately, not all devices come with the necessary hardware and drivers for the USB OTG capability. Here is how to check it.

The simplest and easiest way to know if your Android phone or tablet supports USB OTG (USB On-the-Go) function is using the free USB OTG Checker app, which you can install from Play Store. The app test if your phone/tablet supports USB OTG or not.


If your device supports USB OTG function, it means you can attach USB devices like USB flash drive, digital camera, mouse, or keyboard to your phone or tablet and read data from the device.


Note: Keep in mind that the USB OTG Checker app may not work on every device and some of devices need to install extra kernel for the USB OTG work.

What to do if USB OTG is not supported on your phone?

If external USB storage is not supported natively on your phone, you can still take advantage of USB OTG. The best solution is use the StickMount app from the Play store. This needs your device to be rooted in order for it to work and require a USB OTG adapter.

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