The latest Firefox 4 is considerably faster and boasts some welcome features with minimal look. Now the address bar has changed to omni bar ( combination of address bar and search bar, similar to Google Chrome), which means, you can type in a web address as usual or keyword you want to search for in the address bar.Firefox-4-and-Bing
The default search provider for Firefox 4 Omni bar is Google, and there is no easiest way to change it to Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine without tweaking about:config page manually.

How to change the default Firefox 4 address bar Search Engine:

  1. Type about:config in Firefox 4 Address bar and hit enter.
  2. In the Filter field search for keyword.URL. Right-click on keyword.URL and click Modify.
  3. Now enter any of the URL (Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search URL) shown below in the box and hit Ok.


  1. Google Default:
  2. Yahoo Search:
  3. Bing Search:
  4. Ask:
  5. Google Browse By Name:
  6. Google I’m Feeling Lucky:

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  1. Omnibar plugin is awesome ,
    i resisted using FF as i was addicted to using this feature in Chrome.
    glad to see this plugin,
    thanks a lot !

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