Microsoft introduces a new version of Windows 11 for school students. Called Windows 11 SE, it is a stripped-down version of Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system with some features removed to help students focus on their education. Windows 11 SE brings new colorful flow wallpapers that you can download for your PC in full resolution.

As said, Windows 11 SE is a student-optimized version of the OS. Designed especially for K-8 education, the new OS is lighter, simpler, and works well even on low-end devices. And Microsoft has announced a $249, low-cost education-focused Surface Laptop with Windows 11 SE.


Windows 11 SE is essentially a cloud-first operating system built for education but works offline too. The OS supports controlled third-party apps installation, fullscreen app launch, improved battery life, and more. Multiple Snap Layout options, the widgets panel, and other best new Windows 11 features will not be available on the new OS. Check details here.

FYI, Windows 11 has three variants for education – Windows 11 SE, Windows 11 Education, and Windows 11 Pro Education. The SE is a cloud-first OS designed for K-8 education. It is optimized to deliver excellent learning experiences on low-cost devices by removing distractions. So students can stay focused. Also, only IT administrators can install apps on Windows 11 SE computers. It will give better control to IT managers, so devices perform well all year.

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Download Windows 11 SE Wallpaper

Windows 11 wallpaper preview

Windows 11 SE features a colorful wallpaper. The design is somewhat similar to the Flow wallpaper from Windows 11 but with different colored layers. If you are interested in this wallpaper, you can download them from the link below.

Download Wallpaper

The Windows 11 SE wallpaper is available in 2733 x 1538 pixel resolution. After downloading the wallpapers, you can use them on your computer and smartphones. Check our Wallpaper download section for more wallpapers for your PC and smartphone.

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