Battery Share, also called reverse wireless charging, is a handy feature of Google Pixel 5. You can use the Battery Share option to charge another Qi-enabled device or earbuds on the go. Samsung has had this feature for a couple of generations and it is known as Power Share. Here’s how to use Pixel 5’s Battery Share to power up Qi-enabled device.

While Samsung Galaxy’s Power Share feature turns on automatically when a Qi-enabled device placed on it, the Pixel 5’s Battery Share won’t. On Pixel 5, you need to turn on manually each time. But, if you connect a USB Type C cable to Pixel 5 and charging, the reverse wireless charging will turn on automatically. And if it detects no device is using its power, it will turn off automatically after 30 seconds.

Use Pixel 5 battery share feature

Steps to use Pixel 5 reverse wireless charging (Battery Share)

For the proper working of reverse wireless charging, the battery charge on the phone should not be less than 30%. In Pixel 5, you can set the value between 10% and 50%. Below the set level, Battery Share won’t work.

  1. Open the Settings menu, tap Battery, and turn on Battery Share.
  2. Remove any cover from each device for better results.
  3. Place Pixel 5 on its face and place a second phone/earbuds/smartwatch back-to-back against the Pixel 5.

You can also turn on/off Battery Share from Quick Settings. To add the Battery Share tile, expand the Quick Settings, tap on the edit icon, drag the Battery Share tile to the Quick Settings menu.

FYI, it is clear that reverse wireless charging will drain your phone’s battery more quickly. So, you should be aware of how much battery power is used in the wireless charging process. On average, you will lose about 25% of your battery per hour, but your mileage will vary.

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