Do you have large collection of photos taken by your digital camera? Are you running out of disk space? Then, here is freeware, very simple to use (even for novice) program called Photo Vacuum Packer for repacking and optimizing your images.

How Photo Vacuum Packer optimize your image without losing the quality and saves disk space?


Most of digital photo cameras produce very poorly optimized photos which occupy more disk space. This tool detects and repacks such photos by maintaining its original quality and saves up to 50% disk space.

Moreover this tool automatically detects duplicate photos and removes them as per your choice.

Another option is resizing images. If you wish, resample your photos to reduce their dimensions at the same time removing random noise generated by the camera optical sensor.

Moreover you can convert your BMP / PNG / TIFF / TGA (and other) images to JPEG format to save more space or can also remove Camera Exif information from the image.

You can download Photo Vacuum Packer free from here

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