Android 11 has a host of new features. But to enjoy them, you have a recent phone that supports the update. Many old phones won’t get the Android 11 update, but you can enjoy some of its new features on them. Here are the four new Android 11 features that you can bring to your old Android phone right away.

Media playback widget in the Quick Settings panel, Screen recording, Single-time/Temporary app permissions, and Notification history are the four new best features of Android 11. You can bring these features to your old phone with the help of third-party apps.


Media Playback Widget:

Enable media playback widget in quick settings panel
Media playback widget in quick settings panel

In Android 11, the media playback widget shifted to quick settings drop-down menu, complete with album art background integration, playback control, and playback system selection. The playback system selection lets you choose a phone speaker, Bluetooth headset, or Car audio system quickly.

You can bring Android 11’s Media Playback to your old Android phone with the free Power Shade app. Install the app from Play Store (download link) and grant required permissions for the proper working of the app.

Screen Recording:

Screen recording for older android phones
Screen recording for older android phones

It is the new feature of Android 11. This feature is already available on phones like OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. If your phone doesn’t have a screen recording function, there are plenty of apps on the Google Play Store that will record your phone’s screen, for example, AZ Screen Recorder.

AZ Screen Recorder is a simple to use and best app for recording your phone’s screen. Download and install it from the Play Store (download link). Grant required permissions and then run it. It will display a recording icon on the screen.

Single-Time App Permission:

Enable single time app permission on old android phone
Single time app permission for old android phone

Single time app permission or temporary app permission is another cool feature of Android 11. Instead of giving app permissions for all the time or only when you’re using the app (in Android 10), Android 11 lets you give permissions only for a specific session. It gives you more control over privacy and security.

You can bring single time or temporary app permissions on older Android versions with the Bouncer app (download link). The app requires small purchases, and it brings the same function of Android 11. When an app asks permission, the Bouncer jumps in and lets you control the duration. You can see the summary of its action on its home screen.

Notification History:

Enable notification history feature for old android versions
Notification history feature for old android versions

Notification history isn’t a new feature of Android, but in Android 11, it is improved and has a new UI. It helps you navigate and see the notification log of every app and game. You can brings this feature to older Android phone with the FilterBox app.

You can download the FilterBox app from Play Store (download link) and configure it to get the most out of the features. You can add rules to filter notifications, exclude or include, and more.

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