F-Secure App Permissions offers detailed insight into your phone’s permission. With this free app, you can check for apps that can cost you money, or compromise your privacy by accessing confidential data. As you may know, not all apps work for the common good. Some apps are designed to grab data without your knowledge, for instance there are apps that need to access your contact list, messages, your location, cell towers, Wi-Fi, etc.

It is natural in the case of legitimate apps, but there are apps that threaten your privacy and money. F-Secure App Permissions lets you identify such apps. It lists each app’s permission score and what type of permissions it required. Beware of apps that require 50 or more permissions outside of their key features.



F-Secure App Permissions is easy to use. You can search for apps that use certain permissions or combinations of permissions, or use a set of predefined filters, for example to reveal all apps that may cost you money or impact your battery life.

F-Secure App Permissions – key features:

– Filter all installed apps by the number of required permissions.
– Filter apps that may cost you money, for example by sending messages or making calls without your consent.
– Filter apps that may impact your battery life through intense use of hardware, such as GPS.
– Filter apps that may access your private data, for example your contacts and accounts.
– Advanced filtering allows you to select any combination of permissions.

You can download the free from Play Store

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