firefox browserWhat sets a browser apart from other is I think its extensions and performance. Firefox and Google Chrome are the best examples. Both of them have a highly active community for building extensions and you have over thousands extensions to choose from.

Yes, extensions give additional features and functionalities to a browser, but the question is how to build an extension.

If you’re really interested, here I am presenting an e-book (currently available for free) titled ‘Build Your Own Firefox Extension’ that makes you to build a custom extension for Firefox.

Anyone with a minimal understanding of JavaScript and XML can build a Firefox extension. With this e-book, you can:

  1. learn about the folder structure and file types that comprise an extension
  2. develop your user interface using XUL, and style it with CSS
  3. build functionality and advanced features with JavaScript
  4. add keyboard shortcuts and internationalization features
  5. learn how to publish the finished product

The publisher Sitepoint giving away this e-book (normally worth $9.95) as a gift to celebrate the release of their new FREE extension called CodeBurner for Firefox.



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