Windows Speech Recognition engine available in Windows 7 and Vista allows users to control their computer by using voice commands. Users can carry out various tasks without keyboard or mouse almost accurately. You can run programs and interact with Windows, write or edit text documents, fill out online forms in a web browser, etc by talking to your PC. Would you like to know how to set- up and working with speech recognition in Windows 7? Then, the eBook titled “The Ultimate Guide to Speech Recognition in Windows 7” may help you.

This 28 pages eBook contains many step-by-step tutorials explaining all the functionality of Speech Recognition in Windows 7 such as Preparing Computer to work with Speech recognition, connecting a microphone to your computer, dictating text using Speech Recognition, common commands in Speech Recognition, etc.

The Ultimate Guide to Speech Recognition in Windows 7 eBook written by Nitin Agarwal can be downloaded at source for free

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