Almost all Android phones’ screen can be turned off or turned on by pressing the power button or on some phones, just double taping on the screen (for instance, LG G3) can do it. However, not all phones has power button located in a convenient position, which makes it difficult to turn off the screen by using the power button.

Today’s guide shows you how to turn off your Android phone’s screen by swipe up gesture. This can be useful if you are experiencing difficulty in turning off the screen by using the power button. The ‘Swipe up To Sleep’ Xposed Framework module lets you turn off your screen by just swiping up from the home button area – no need to pick up the phone and use the power button to turn off the screen.


No need to mention that the ‘Swipe Up To Sleep’ module requires root access and Xposed Framework installed on the phone. Installing the module is quite simple. All you need to download [HERE] and install the ‘Swipe up To Sleep’ apk (assuming that you have already installed latest version of Xposed Framework on your phone).

Once installed, launch the Xposed Installer and go to the “Modules” section. Enable the module by checking the checkbox and Reboot the device.

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As said in the above paragraph, the ‘Swipe up To Sleep’ module turn off the screen by swiping up the up from home button, which is usually launch Google Now. This module disables this gesture for trigger Google Now. However, you can enable Google Now by long pressing the home button.


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