Samsung has released a new app called ‘Samsung Safety Screen’ to protect eyes from Android phone’s screen by forcing to hold the phone away from eyes. The app is more appropriate for young children, as they usually hold their phone or tab more close to their eyes, which will result in eyestrain and sometimes hyperactive while using his/her smartphone or tablet for long time. Samsung Safety Screen app prevents them from holding their phone close to the eyes.

Available for all Android smartphones, the ‘Samsung Safety Screen’ app runs in the background and shut down the screen when the device is held too close the eye. To unlock the screen, the device needs to hold at the minimum recommended safe distance. In such a way, the app reduces the amount of light entering into eyes.



Nowadays, children use their smartphone for long hours on daily basis. It may be for gaming, interacting with friends on social sites like Facebook or chatting with friend on Whatsapp, watching video, etc. Whatever will be the reason, it is important to take care of eyes while using smartphone for long time. The light emitting from the screen can cause vision syndrome, strain to the brain, and attacks to the cornea.

Samsung Safety Screen app uses facial recognition technology to calculate the optimal distance. It uses the front camera for the purpose and when the child’s eyes are too close to the screen, the app will block a big part of the screen and advises the child to move back using a friendly animation.

Parents can password protect the app to prevent children from deactivating the app. If you are interested, download Samsung Safety Screen from Play store [HERE] and enjoy. The app is somewhat sufficient for protecting your eyes. (Source)

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