A pedometer is used to calculate the distance that a person has walked or run. There are several pedometer apps available for Android phones, but most of them drain the phone’s battery quickly as using GPS sensor for tracking the movement. The Nexus 5 exclusive pedometer app uses hardware step detection of Nexus 5 to monitor your movement on the go for minimal battery consumption.

As you may know, Google has put support for two new sensors in Android 4.4 KitKat – the step detector and step counter. Both are optimized to work on hardware with low-power consumption and can be used for motion detection.

This lightweight pedometer app is designed to be running all the time without having any impact on the battery life, because it uses the hardware step detector, which is already running even when not using any pedometer app – the result is low battery consumption.


In addition to no power consumption, you can sign in with your Google+ account to unlock achievements and compete with others in the leaderboards right from the pedometer app. Download it from Play Store.


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