If your SSD has limited capacity to hold all your software and games at the same time or if your Windows installation drive runs out of space, the simplest solution is moving some installed programs and games to another drive, but how? Here is a very simple way to move installed software and games from one disk to another with a free application called SymMover.

SymMover is a small utility for Windows 7 and Vista, designed to easily move installed software and games from one disk to another. It avoids the hassles of uninstalling a program and reinstalling it on another disk.

Here is a small example on how to use SymMover:

Install the program (required .Net Framework 4) and run it. Add an installed program/game folder from the searchable list or manually browsing the program files directory by clicking the + sign.


You can move selected folders to another drive by clicking the ‘green arrow’ icon. Before moving, change the destination disk by clicking the ‘folder’ icon, if you want.

You can always bring moved folders back to the original location by clicking the ‘yellow arrow’ icon. That’s all.

How SymMover achieve this? It is by first moving the folder to its destination (another drive), and then creating a symbolic link between the source and destination. This means that software and games will still work after you move them to another disk.

SymMover can be downloaded (619KB) from developer’s website here (For Windows Vista and 7 only)

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