The usual method to lock and unlock your Android phone screen is by using the power button. On some devices, it is by double tapping on the screen or using the fingerprint sensor. Now you can lock and unlock your Android screen with double swipe over the proximity sensor with your finger. This can be realized with the help of a free app called ‘Screen Lock Unlock’ and it can be considered as an alternative to double tap to wake function found on some Android phones.

Various apps are available on Play store to let you wake up your phone without using the power button. The “Screen Lock Unlock” is a new app that uses phone’s proximity sensor to lock and unlock your phone screen. Once installed, just pass two times your hand or finger on the proximity sensor and the screen will turn on or off.



Screen Lock Unlock app lets you customize some of its functions in its options menu. You can choose Unlock, Lock or both (Lock/Unlock) and enable landscape mode to lock the screen even from the horizontal mode. You can also view the number of lock and unlock cycles by touching the option ‘Number of Lock/Unlock’.

Note: To lock the screen using this gesture, you need to activate the app in the Device administrator.

The Screen Lock Unlock app is completely free (no ads) and requires no complicated settings or root access. However, we have noticed that the app is not function well on all Android phones. For example, we have tested it on Moto X and Nexus 5X. Works well on Nexus, but did not on Moto X.

This app can be useful, if your phone’s power button is damaged or it is placed in an inconvenient location and trouble unlocking the screen.You can download Screen Lock Unlock free from Play store [HERE]

How to uninstall the app?

To uninstall the app, you need to uncheck the option ‘Enable Admin’, and then you can uninstall the app as usual. Alternatively, just tap the ‘Uninstall’ option in the app’s settings menu.

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