If you are tired of having the same old home screen and interface as everyone else, there is a new launcher to give your Android phone a facelift. Called Zen Launcher, this lightweight, free app simplifies the traditional UI of your Android phone and makes it easy to use for child, young man and the aged. It is also bright and colorful, while staying minimalistic.

Zen Launcher separates itself from the competition by offering a lightweight, minimalist design. This is the smallest launcher available today on the Play store (below 1MB), but at the same time, it meets all the basic functions that an Android launcher need.



The launcher is designed with five main goals. It might be the smallest launcher on the market, make your phone run faster with low memory footprint, bring a simple and natural style to your phone, make to use your phone more efficiently and reminds about users health by reminding about prolonged use of the phone.

Zen launcher arranges its functions in four different pages – home screen, widget page, common page and app list. On the home screen, you can see 6 commonly used apps by default, however you can add any apps by long pressing on the screen.


On common page, you can see app list, which is based on the user’s using habits, so you can access your favorite apps quickly. On the widget page, you can add any available widget. From app list, you can access all your apps.

Interested users can download Zen Launcher free from Play store [HERE]. It supports all phones running Android 4.1 and up.

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