If your phone is running on Android Oreo, then you can add various actions to its fingerprint scanner. You can use the fingerprint scanner to on/off torch (flashlight), up and down volume, toggle split screen, up and down Quick Settings /Notifications (already available in Pixel and Nexus devices) and several other actions. Read on to how to add new swipe gestures to your phone.

Developed by Adrian Campos, Fingerprint Swipes is a free app, which lets you add various actions to fingerprint scanner. This app uses accessibility services on your device and requires Android 8.0 Oreo and above to work. And of course, the device must have a fingerprint sensor.


As the name suggests, the app allows you to assign new swipe actions to your fingerprint sensor of your smartphone. Each action can be performed via each swipe gesture (up-down-right-left). Below is what this app offers.

Fingerprint Gestures app brings several functions to the Fingerprint scanner

Use it to On/Off/Toggle torch, Notifications Up/Down/Quick Settings, toggle Split Screen, media Play/Pause, media Next/Previous, volume up/down, rotation lock toggle, use instead of Back, Home and Recents buttons and more.

Fingerprint Swipes is a free download on Play Store [here]. Below is a short guide on how to use this app.

Fingerprint Swipes Adds Various Custom Actions to Fingerprint ScannerInstall Fingerprint Swipes and open it. Enable the accessibility service for it, tap on ‘Fingerprint Swipes’ option. Select a desired swipe – right, left, up or down – and then select the action for that swipe.

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