Like most Android phones, the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones are also comes pre-installed with several apps. These system apps are usually called bloatware, because many of them are not likely to be used by most users, instead they unnecessarily contribute to poor battery life and device performance as well as clog app screen.

Usually, users cannot simply uninstall system apps without root access, but apps like ‘EZ Package Disabler’ for Samsung lets you disable any useless system app (crap or bloatware app) without root access, so they will not access your resources and data. The result will be better battery life, smoother app experience, general improvement and a streamlined app screen on your phone.


Of course, latest Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have less bloatware apps. However, if you do not want some of pre-installed app on your Galaxy phone, you can simply disable them with the app ‘EZ Package Disabler’ for Samsung. No root permission is required, so no worry about device warranty.


To assist you while disabling any pre-installed app, it provides detailed information about the app, so you can quickly decide whether to block or keep an app.

New features and changelog of EZ Disabler v.2.0

– Protect by app lock
– Auto disable/enable with scheduling
– Launch other apps
– Update package descriptions and package list
– Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Before get start, please note that EZ Package Disabler for Samsung is not a free app. You need to purchase the app to use. Interested users can download the app from Play store here.

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