The easiest way to digitize your old photo prints is to take snaps of them with your smartphone’s camera, but the result may vary with the camera app you are using. However, you can produce much better quality photos if you use a dedicated photo-scanning app like Google PhotoScan.

Google PhotoScan app is available for Android and iOS. The app can remove reflections and glare from the surface of photographic prints. It also uses edge detection to crop photos automatically, allows you to straighten wonky scans and corrects perspective.

Google PhotoScan
Google PhotoScan

To digitize your old photo prints, install Google PhotoScan app. Open the app, hold your phone above the photo print and tap the capture button. You will see a circle on your screen. Move the circle to each of the four dots by moving your camera.

Digitize your old photo prints with Google PhotoScan app
Digitize your old photo prints with Google PhotoScan app

You have now successfully scanned your photo print without glare and reflections. You can rotate or adjust the corners of the photo if you want. Your photos will save to your Google Photos account.

To get the best result from the Google PhotoScan app, follow these steps.

  1. Place your photo print in a flat source.
  2. Don’t tilt your phone while scanning.
  3. Turn on flash to remove glare and reflections.
  4. Remove photos from sleeves and frames.
  5. Avoid a high bright environment to reduce glare.

Google PhotoScan app is a free solution to digitize your old photo prints if you don’t have an expensive Flatbed scanner. Though a little time-consuming process, you can use the app to convert your photographic prints into a searchable and sharable digital format.

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