Avira-logoIf you’re an Avira Antivirus free version user, you might have noticed the annoying advertising window popping up every day asking you to upgrade to premium version. You will need to close this pop up manually. If you think it is really annoying you, you can simply disable this.

There are few methods to disable Avira Antivir’s update advertisements and splash screen. See my previous post, if you like a manual method or read below for a software solution.


Antivir AD Disabler is designed to stop both Antivir’s update advertisements and splash screen. Once installed (required .NET 3.5), select any one or both option and click apply button. That’s it.


Antivir AD Disabler neither modifies files nor registry settings of Antivir, it use a simple function of Microsoft Windows to disable the advertisements. Avira free version users can download it free at developer’s site.


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