There are several reasons why your Android smartphone starts to slow down and one of the main reasons is too many applications running in the background or it can be due to memory hogging or covertly running apps. There are several ways to tackle this issue and restarting your device can be a simple solution, but it can be inconvenient in many situations.

I had published many articles in previous posts on how to speed up an Android phone or tablet and here is another very simple way to speed up a slowing down Android smartphone by releasing memory (RAM) automatically. This is useful if your phone is getting slow due to too many apps running in the background.


Easy RAM Booster is a free app that will close and freeze apps, using the app switcher (as long as you do not have a load of auto-start apps) and makes your device work faster. The Auto boost option automatically kills low priority tasks every 2 hours, which will make your device works faster.


Easy RAM Booster is quite simple to use. Though it will automatically kill the low priority tasks, you should do a manual boost once a day for maximum performance. Just tap the Boost button to do so. Also, you can manually kill background running programs by all or selectively with a click.

Download: Easy RAM Booster works on Android 2.3 and later and can be downloaded free from Play Store.

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