YouTube is always been one of the best places to find entertaining and educational videos, but it is cluttered with many things like comments, in-video annotations, featured videos, recommended videos, suggested videos, advertisements, and like that. Here is how to less clutter YouTube by eliminating things that you think “not necessary” with YouTube Customizer.

YouTube Customizer from the popular Adblock Plus, who provides effective way to avoid advert online, lets you eliminate 10 types of YouTube annoyances. It lets you remove comments, suggested videos, featured channels, and other elements, making YouTube looks less cluttered.


To use this feature, first you need to install Adblock Plus. After installing it, go to YouTube Customizer page and select what you need to block – all YouTube annoyances, only comments, only suggestions or only other annoyances filters and click “Add” button.

Please note that, though Adblock Plus calls the ten things an annoyance, you may not have to agree all that. Before adding any filter, first check you are not getting rid of something you would rather keep (via)

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