We used to share documents that contain personal and business related information as attachments via email messages, but the risk behind it is that multiple people on various devices can access these attachments. Unintended third party access to confidential information is not a good thing, so you need to secure your shared documents within the current workflow.
Here comes the importance of docTrackr’s free Chrome extension. It allows users to encrypt attachments and set access permissions to documents within Gmail. This extension enables users define who can read or edit shared files.

docTrackr for Gmail uses AES encryption algorithm to encrypts attachments in your inbox. The encrypted attachments can’t be accessible without proper permissions, so even if your documents fall into the wrong hands, the data remains protected.


This extension also lets you remotely destroy attachments after they’ve been sent, regardless of location. You can also track attachments sent in Gmail from your document dashboard to see where, when and by whom your attachment was opened.

You can install the extension from here.

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