Detect and remove potentially unwanted files from your PC with Comodo Cloud Scanner


You must have recently heard about Panda cloud antivirus, a free antivirus from Panda lab that uses a cloud based signatures for scanning; you don’t need to download the latest signatures updates to your PC like normal antivirus software.

Now here is another free cloud antivirus from Comodo called Comodo Cloud Scanner that will scan your system for malware and potentially unwanted files and removes them from your system.

Cloud based scanner is especially useful for those people who don’t want to update their product every now and then to protect their system. Just connect your computer with internet and then start the scan and this tool will scan your PC using remote computer data.
Features of Comodo Cloud Scanner;

  1. Detects malware and suspicious files
  2. Reveals privacy issues and identity traces
  3. Reveals all corrupted, unwanted and invalid registry entries
  4. Reveals all junk data from disk

Comodo Cloud Scanner (download it here. It is a beta version, so there may be bugs in this program. Use at your own risk) is compatible with Windows 7, Vista & XP.


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