Microsoft Hints Windows 8 Consumer Preview with Betta Fish Video on Bing’s Homepage


Today’s Bing homepage teases users with an attractive video of a Betta fish swimming across the screen. In addition to this animated video, which uses HTML5 technology users will also get info about Microsoft’s new OS Windows 8, including what is new in Windows 8 consumer preview; however, the info page is not live now.


Recently, Microsoft releases beta/preview version of their Windows OS with Betta Fish desktop wallpaper (it was the main attractive of the default wallpaper in the Windows 7 beta) and this new Bing’s home page reveals that Microsoft follows the same path with Windows 8 Beta also.

Visit this Bing’s homepage, which welcomes you with Betta fish and info about Windows 8 Consumer Preview or just use this WebM video link to watch the swimming Betta fish on your browser. (Via)


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