Measure Distance and Height of a Nearby Object With Android Phone


Sometimes you may want to know the distance and height of a nearby object. How do you measure it? If you’re looking for a simple solution, you can simply do that with your Android smartphone by installing Smart Measure app from the Android

Smart Measure (Lite) is a free android app that can measure the distance and the height of an object by trigonometry. The effective distance is about 1-50meter.

To calculate the distance and height of an object, run Smart Measure app, then just stand up and point the cross hair at the bottom of the object. Then correct the spirit level and press the shutter (see below screenshot for details)
Note: Before using Smart Measure app, calibrate your devices with known distance (option – calibrate menu). If the measured distance is longer than it, add 0.5 deg. at manual calibration and if it is shorter, reduce 0.5 deg.

You can download Smart Measure app from Android Market (via)


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