Get ‘0-day’ GApps From Paranoid Android

If you use CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android or any other custom ROM that ships without Google apps package then you should install a GApps package to get all Google features after installing the ROM. But the problem is that, staying up to date with the latest release of GApps for your device can be a difficult thing.

To help you, Paranoid Android team comes up with a ‘0-day initiative’ GApps package for Android 4.3 and above ROMs, which make your life much easier. The Paranoid Android team updates the package as soon as Google releases new variants.


The GApps package includes all Google apps such as Play Store, Maps, Hangouts, Photosphere Camera, Calendar, Search, Play Music, Google Wallet, Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Experience Launcher, and more.

The apps are completely untouched and a number of different versions of the packages are available. You can choose a basic or full package to suit your exact needs. All packages should work fine on any custom Android 4.4.x or 4.3.x ROM (Make certain to select correct version)

To get the latest GApps, simply visit this page whenever you need and download your apps. It is completely free.

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