Create Auto SMS Response System For Android Phone


In certain circumstances, you may not be able to respond to a text message in time, for example, while driving, at your work or just that while you are too busy. By setting up an auto SMS response system for your Android phone, you can let people know that you are currently unable to send a reply to their message. Here is an auto SMS response system called ButlerSMS for Android phone.

ButlerSMS is a simple android application that can automatically send reply to text messages received on your phone. It is helpful in case you’re unable to send reply to an important message in time.

An exciting feature of this app is its “Personalized responses” option. Users can set custom message for any phone number and the response will only go to that number. Just compose a message, decide who should receive it when they message you, that’s all!


ButlerSMS has three profiles to choose – namely Normal, Movie and Drive mode that you can activate easily from the app’s main window. It also allows for blacklisting of any phone numbers that won’t receive an auto reply.


Other features include text to speech, voice reply, reply timer (when multiple SMS are received from same sender, it will not auto-reply immediately), a GPS locator, home screen widgets for quick on and off the app, etc.

Note: ButlerSMS is a paid app on Google Play; however, you can now download it free at XDA-Developers forum. The app runs on Android 2.2 or greater devices [via].


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