Boat Browser: A Sleek And Fast Android Browser


androidlogoIf you’re an avid user of Internet on your Android phone, probably you might have tried many browsers like Opera, Dolphin, Skyfire, UC Browser or Miren. But, if you not satisfied with them, you definitely need a try to the new Boat Browser. Its developer claims that ‘Boat Browser is as fast as xScope and as pretty as Safari on iPhone‘.

Boat Browser is a free and one of the sleekest and fastest browsers on the Android market, which supports HTML5 and will bring the greatest user experience on Android device.

Boat-browser for Android

Following are the main Features of Boat Browser:

  1. Simple, clean, and easy to use user interface.
  2. Supports HTML5 and HTML5 game perfectly.
  3. Quick to start up, quick to load and render pages.
  4. Multi-tab in gallery.
  5. Multi-touch Pinch Zoom, option to share web page to Facebook and twitter.
  6. Full screen option in menu, etc.

Boat Browser can be downloaded at Android market for free. [via]


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