After Google Instant, Now Twitter Instant, YouTube Instant and Google Maps Instant


All of you might have heard about Google’s innovative search enhancement tool Google Instant which delivers instant and almost accurate search results before you completing the search term. i.e., as you type a keyword it’ll predict the word and display the result in real-time. After Google Instant, some people implemented the same concept for YouTube, Google Maps and now for Twitter.

YouTube Instant is similar to Google Search Instant. It starts playing videos as you type title of a video. A Stanford student Feross Aboukhadijeh is behind this idea.

Google Maps Instant is also has similar concept of Google Instant search which is helpful when want to view a map of some location. It removes the need to hit enter and wait for results.

Twitter Instant is also has the same concept of Google Instant and it will show you search results as you type anything for search, so it is easy to search anything on Twitter.



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