Speed up Your Old Android Phone Using Adrenaline Engine

If you feel slow on your Android phone there are several ways to speed up it. With a wide selection of apps and mods, you will have no trouble making your device run that little bit quicker. Here is a mod to make sure your old Android device running at its optimum performance, but your phone should be rooted and Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS.


Adrenaline Engine is a script package that makes use of the open-source nature of the Android operating system to the fullest. This mod lets you improve the overall speed of the Android device – Improves touchscreen sensitivity, read/write speed of SD card, 3G network, battery life, disk access, and more.

How to Install Adrenaline Engine and Speed up your Android phone?

Disclaimer: The below method is meant for advanced users.  We can’t take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. As always, make sure you are fully backed up your device. Make a nandroid backup from custom recovery.


1. A rooted Android Phone running on Gingerbread OS (Android 2.3)
2. Custom Recovery like CWM installed
3. Adrenaline Engine zip file or CM Adrenaline Engine zip file, if yours is a CM based ROM.

– Copy the downloaded Adrenaline Engine zip file to your device’s SD card.
– Go into the Recovery mode (for example, switch off your phone and press Power, Home, Vol+ buttons simultaneously).
– From the recovery mode, wipe cache and dalvik cache.
– Go to “mounts and storage” and mount /system.
– Select “install zip from sdcard”, then select Adrenaline Engine zip file and flash it.

Finally, reboot your phone. That’s all!

Important Note: Adrenaline Engine script might not work on all the ROMs. So try it at your own risk! You can read more about Adrenaline Engine from this development page.

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