Enable Data Compression on Google Chrome for Desktop for Faster Browsing and Save Bandwidth

Google Chrome for Android and iOS features a data compression technology which when enabled, webpages are compressed in Google SPDY proxy servers before it send to users device. It will reduce bandwidth usage considerably (over 60%), and deliver a faster web browsing.

This feature is not available on desktop version of Chrome, but with the “Data Compression Proxy” Chrome extension, you can get the same bandwidth savings and faster browsing on Google Chrome for desktop. Once installed, this extension sends all non-encrypted HTTP traffic through Chrome Data Compression Proxy server, which uses SPDY protocol to speed up web browsing.

Please note that, only HTTP traffics are routed through and optimized by the proxy, HTTPS (secured) requests will bypass the proxy, which means your private information does not reach Google’s compression servers.

You can enable/disable Data Compression Proxy by clicking the bolt icon from the toolbar. A green bolt icon indicates enabled state and a red icon indicates disabled state.



Users can check bandwidth savings by visiting chrome://net-internals/#bandwidth


Install Data Compression Proxy extension from Chrome web store and see how fast your web browsing is!

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