Download HTC Ocean Note Wallpaper to Spruce up your Home Screen


The HTC Ocean Note is the upcoming high-end phablet from HTC. Rumors reveal that the device will come with some interesting features like secondary display, touch sensitive bezel, glass frame, and more. In addition, HTC is always been ready to include some new wallpaper on their smartphones. For example, the leaked high-resolution abstract wallpaper from HTC Ocean Note.

HTC insider and renowned developer @LlabTooFeR have leaked 1 out of 3 wallpaper from HTC Ocean Note. The high-resolution wallpaper looks splendid and if you are interested, you can download it right now to spruce up your smartphone’s home screen. According to @LlabTooFeR, the HTC Ocean Note will have three new wallpapers.


Interested users can download the HTC Ocean Note high-resolution (2880×2560) wallpaper from here (source).

If you do not know how to apply the wallpaper properly (without cropping) on your Android phone, install a free app like “Image2wallpaper” from Play Store. It lets you sets the picture as wallpaper with or without resizing.

Regarding HTC Ocean Note, it is expected that the Ocean Note will be unveiled on January 12, 2017.
As per various rumors, the HTC Ocean Note will have a 6-inch QHD display, features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and secondary display on top of the main panel (to display time, data, battery percentage, apps icons like camera, twitter, etc.).

It will also features fingerprint sensor on the front, touch sensitive bezel (to bring functions similar to that of Samsung’s Edge screens), and more.


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