Google has released stable version of Google Chrome 15 with new features and changes. This faster and smarter browser now brings some very useful features. For example, the new redesigned tab page lets users to arrange apps, bookmarks and pages in separate tab sections or folders for better usability. Read below how to arrange or group apps in separate tab sections in Chrome.

Once you update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version, you can see a redesigned tab page with a dedicated footer bar. By default, there are two sections or tabs called ‘Most Visited’ and ‘Apps’.



If you have installed too many applications from Chrome Web Store in different category, for example, email, video, games, documents, etc, you can create new tab for each category for better management and usability.

1. To create a new section for a particular group of apps, just drag the app icon to the footer bar, which will automatically create a new tab section. Then, drag and drop other similar apps to this new tab.


2. To rename this newly created tab, just double click on it and rename it. For example, for email tab you can rename it as ‘Email’.

Similarly, you can create multiple tab sections and add  Chrome apps for easy management. The new redesigned tab page is certainly a very useful feature, if you love to install lot of applications from Chrome Web Store.

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