If you are an Android or iPhone user, you might have familiar with the Swype keyboard. It comes pre built with many Android phones, but until now, it wasn’t available at Android market for downloading. Now a 30-day trial version of this gesture-typing keyboard is available for download at Play Store. For continued usage, you need to download the paid (below $1) application.



If you aren’t familiar with Swype, it is a gesture-typing keyboard app that offers several features such as Next Word Prediction to enhance your typing ability and speed. Besides the usual finger typing, you can move (Swype) your fingers or stylus across virtual letters to form text.

Swype Keyboard Key Features:

Next Word Prediction: Learn your unique vocabulary and predict your words based on previous usage.

Swype Living Language: Updates your dictionary with the latest trending words, so you can instantly access the hottest the words and phrases that people are using at that moment.

Personal Dictionary Backup & Sync: It makes it so your Swype dictionary and how you use your words, follows you from device to device.

Dragon Dictation: This voice recognition system lets you go hands free and turns your voice in to text quickly and accurately.

Smart Editor: Analyzes an entire sentence, flagging potential errors for a quick fix, and includes suggestions for the most likely alternatives.

You’ll get more feature list and download at Play Store

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