Just deleting your personal information, cache, apps, emails, browsing history or anything from your Android phone may not really gone. The data will remain on your phone’s SD card and is easily recoverable with minimal effort. If you concerned more about your privacy, you need a special app like SHREDroid to securely wipe all data you deleted from your phone.



SHREDroid is not a file remover or uninstaller, what it does is securely wipe the ‘deleted’ data or over write space left by uninstalled apps or files. So that, if someone were to go looking for what may have been on your phone, they wouldn’t find anything.

SHREDroid can be configured to wipe all deleted data on an interval basis, so you can make sure your phone is cleaned up on a regular basis. SHREDroid is free app, and available now in the Android App Market.

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