Android phones slow down over time. Do you know why your phone not fast as it was before? Just like your PC, your Android phone will also collect and store cache, junk files, residual files, search history, etc. during the course of usage. It will worsen the performance and your device become sluggish, with the user interface hanging and apps slow to launch.

Whenever you feel sluggish on your Android phone, try below five simple tips. With these simple tricks, you will have no trouble making your device run that little bit quicker.



1. Refresh your phone by restarting. Restarting will refresh your Android and kill any resource-draining apps.

2. By blocking apps from accessing the internet, you can speed things up. Read my previous tutorial on how to block background running app’s data usage.

3. Clear app data, cache, etc. Go to Settings -> Apps and select an app and use the Clear data button on a troublesome app in will clear the app cache. You can use third-party apps like App Cache Cleaner to do the job in bulk.

4. Kill unnecessary tasks. Install the System Monitor app (download from Play store) and it will display resource use and enables you to kill all non-essential tasks with a single tap.

5. Remove always-updating widget from home screen. Widgets for email, social networks and other regularly updated services can slow things down considerably, so remove them from your home screen.

Hope you will enjoy these tips!

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