Probably you have familiar with the Android app App2SD (comes with Android 2.2 Froyo), which allows users to move apps to external storage device. This will overcome the limitation of your phone’s internal storage space and allows you run more and more apps and games. The ability to run apps and games from external memory card (SD Card) was certainly an excellent innovation in the Android development. However, App2SD have few limitations. To overcome the limitations of App2SD, an XDA Forum member has developed a similar app named Darktremor App2SD that offers extended functionality such as the ability to move and modify Dalvik cache to SD card, protection from boot loops and more.

Furthermore, Darktremor App2SD utilizes Linux native file systems called EXT2, EXT3, and EXT4, which allows you to run programs from them and is fully compatible with all versions of Android, including Froyo. Therefore, in truth, you can run both the Darktremor Apps2SD and Froyo Apps2SD at the same time on your device.

More detailed information and download available at original source

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