Just like your PC, your Android smartphone will also collect and store cache, junk files, residual files, search history, etc. during the course of usage. It’ll worsen the performance and stability of your device as well as consumes storage space, so you’ll need to remove all these debris from time to time. If you’re a novice Android user and looking for a simple app for removing all those unnecessary files from your device, you might like the free app Clean Master.

Clean Master is an all-in-one cleaner app for android. It lets you erase all caches and residuals files, search and chat history, apps history, etc. from your device, free up storage space, and enhance your privacy. User can also kill running Tasks and releases more RAM to boost their phone’s performance and save battery life.


Though there are several similar apps are available on the Play Store, what is great with this app is that it has an intuitive user interface and pretty simple and straightforward to use. Anyone can use it without any trouble.


Clean Master offers four main options, namely History Eraser, Privacy, Task Killer and Apps Manager.

As its name says, the history eraser option lets you erase caches and residuals files (files leftover by apps and games) easily with a single click. The result is that it’ll save hundreds of megabytes or even GBs of storage space.

The Privacy option lets you remove all privacy-concerned items from your device such as SMS/MMS, browsing history, history data of many apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, Spotify, Pinterest, Line etc.

Task Killer is another useful feature. From this option, you can view all the tasks running in background. Running tasks not only occupy system RAM, it’ll also drains the battery. The Task Killer can kill apps and release more RAM to speed up your android device.

The App Manager option comprises uninstaller and backup assistant. You can uninstall apps easily with a click. Also, you can backup apk files onto SD card and reinstall them later using the apk installer of app.

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