After installing a custom ROM or kernel, it is recommended you to run a stability test on your Android phone, so that you can decide whether your phone is stable for daily use or not. In this guide we will shows you how to run a stability test on your phone. The test is also very important if you have tweaked your CPU speeds or voltage.

You can run a stability test on your Android phone with StabilityTest (ROOT optional) app. It is a free download on Play Store and is a dedicated tool for CPU, GPU, and RAM/memory stress testing. It also includes per-core/combined linpackc benchmarking functionality for kernels, ROMs or individual devices.


Once you installed and open the app, you will be presented with 5 testing options. The first option, the “Classic Stability Test” simply runs on your phone at full speed. It is usually enough for device stability check. Also, it does not require root access.


The “Scaling Stability Test” varies the clock speed throughout the test for a more accurate simulation of real world use, but it requires root permission. It is a great way of getting handy stats. It is useful for testing undervolting, overclocking and underclocking of CPU.

The Raw CPU MFLOPS (million floating-point operations per second) (all cores) test runs linpackc across all CPU cores and is useful for comparison benchmarking between kernels, ROMs or individual devices.

Before you get started with this tool, keep in mind that it requires several times to complete the test, so make sure to have your charger is connected to your device. Also, sometimes unstable devices reboot before the app detect the instabilities. In such case, restart the app and it will show you the stats before the reboot happened.

You can download StabilityTest (ROOT optional) free from Play Store

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