Have you ever come across a situation that you wanted to switch off your misplaced phone remotely? For example, if you forgot your mobile phone at your office, you can switch off it from your home to keep its battery for the next day. Here is how you can turn off your Android Phone remotely.

Remote Turn Off is a simple app, designed to remotely turn off the Android phone when in need – may be a useful feature for many users. By just sending a text message (SMS) from any phone, you can shut off your phone.



How to Install Remote Turn Off

Remote Turn Off is easy to install, however as this app to install as a system app your phone must be rooted. You can install the app in two ways – either flashing the provided zip file or moving the APK (extracted from the ZIP file) to the /system/app folder and setting correct permissions.

To flash the Remote Turn Off Zip file, reboot your phone into recovery mode and select “Install Zip from SD card”. (Remote Turn Off zip file should be transferred to your SD card before)

To move the APK manually to the system folder, you can use a file manager app like ES File Explorer. After moving the Remote Turn Off APK to system folder (/system/app folder), long press on it and click on properties to set the permission as “rw-r–r–”.

To turn off the phone, just send the text power#off to the phone number. The phone can be shut down with a text message from any phone number.

Download and more details available at this XDA Forum thread.

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