If you are one of those, who need something a little different on their phone may certainly like Maxthon Android browser. Maxthon provides a way to customize the browser to look it like yours. You can customize the browser with your own icon, theme, splash screen, browser name, and homepage. You can do everything in just a few clicks.

Maxthon mobile is one of the fastest and feature rich browsers available for Android phone today. This WebKit- based mobile browser offers lot of features to users; it has an RSS reader widget, a download manager, super gestures, sync capabilities, themes, add-ons and more.


Here is how you can make your own custom Android web browser With Maxthon Mobile.

To build your custom android browser with Maxthon mobile, go here and pick a name for your browser, upload a browser icon (72x72px), set your browser’s home page, select a theme, upload a splash screen (480x800px), and finally click ‘Create APK’ button.

Then, download the apk to your phone and install it. Enjoy! More customizations will be coming in the near future.Go here to build a custom Maxthon browser for Android [Via]

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