There are lots of free apps for Android smartphones that let you share files with other people without having to connect to the internet. Usually, both the sending and receiving devices need to install the same app, but with Xiaomi’s ShareMe app, you can receive files without installing it on your device.

Xiaomi’s ShareMe is a brilliant file sharing/transferring app for Android, and one of the best features of the app is the Webshare. This feature allows you to share/transfer any file to any other device without installing any file-transfer app on the recipient device. Only the sender required the ShareMe app installed on the phone.

Xiaomi’s ShareMe App
Xiaomi’s ShareMe App

Here is how to share any file using the new Webshare feature of Xiaomi’s ShareMe app. First, install the ShareMe app from Play Store (link) on your device and then follow the below steps.

  1. Open ShareMe app, swipe up from the bottom or tap on the hamburger menu > select Webshare.
  2. Tap on Share > select files you want to send > tap on Send. It will enable Hotspot on your device.
  3. Ask your friend to connect to the Hotspot with the password shown on the screen.
  4. Now, tap on Next > you will see an IP Address and QR Code
  5. Open any browser, type the same IP address in the address bar, and search (or scan the QR code).
  6. Tap on Download > files will be downloaded to the recipient’s device.

The main advantage of the Webshare feature of ShareMe is that you can send files (apps, photos, video, audio, etc.) from your Android phone to any device, such as Android, iPhone, and computer.

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