On Galaxy S6, you can quickly launch the camera by simply double tapping the home button, even when your phone is asleep. The camera will open in a secure mode if your Galaxy S6 is locked. This is a very useful feature for capturing something quickly. You can bring this feature to older Galaxy phones or any Android phone. No root access is required. Here is how it is.

To get Galaxy S6 quick launch camera feature on older Galaxy phones or any Android phone, you need to install a free app ‘Home2 Shortcut’ from Play store. This little app works on almost all Android phones and is designed to launch any application by double tapping on the home button.


Before you start, please note that, on Galaxy S6, the quick launch camera feature will work even when the phone is locked. However, the below mentioned trick work only when the phone is unlocked.

Get Galaxy S6 Quick Launch Camera Feature on Older Galaxy Phones

1. Install ‘Home2 Shortcut’ app from Play store [HERE]

2. Open the app and tap ‘Choose Application’. Select ‘Installed Applications’ and from the list select Camera. Tap OK to save the settings.

3. Now, set double tap interval speed. By default, it will be normal. You can change it to ‘very very short’, ‘short’ or ‘long’ depending on your preference. Tap ‘Normal’ and choose your preference, preferably ‘short’.

4. Now, you need to choose the ‘Home’ application. Tap ‘Choose Home Application’ and choose ‘TouchWiz Home’, if your phone is Galaxy or ‘Launcher’ for some other phones. Tap Ok to save the settings.

5. Now, go to your phone Settings -> Home -> and select ‘Home2 Shortcut’ from the list. That’s it!


Now, when you tap the home button twice it will launch the camera, just as in the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. However, please note that you need to unlock your device first to work this.

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