Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is the most exciting Linux operating system in years. It features free apps for your day to day needs, safe and fast web browsing, a dedicated music store and much more.

Ok that, are you a beginner computer user or are you migrating from another operating system to Ubuntu for the first time? To help you, here is a comprehensive guide for the new Ubuntu 10.04.


It helps new users to get started with Ubuntu. Its goal is to cover the basics of Ubuntu (such as installation and working with the desktop) as well as guide you through some of the most popular applications.

This e-book is designed to be simple to follow with step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots, allowing you to discover the potential of your new Ubuntu system even if you are a novice.

You can download PDF edition of Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 at here. If you don’t have Ubuntu, you can download here or request a free CD at source.

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  1. I’m using Ubuntu now, but there are still 2 problems on my Ubuntu. I can’t find the compatible NVIDIA driver and I can’t run my mongoDB server. 🙁

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