Simple Weather is a minimalistic weather app with Android L Material design that transforms your Android phone into a live forecast of the weather. With this app, you will know up to the minute weather details without having to glance up from your phone.

There are plenty of fantastic weather apps, so what makes the “Simple Weather” app different? As it name implies, it is very simple in nature, but is able to give needed weather details at a glance. You will know first whether it is raining, cloudy, snowing or a nice sunny day. However, at this time it does not have support for widget.



Please note that the ‘Simple Weather’ app is now an alpha release and it is not available for public download. Also, the app may not work smoothly on all devices. If you want to try this app, you need to join the app’s Google + community and then download it from Play Store.

Currently, this app provides a few basic options only – temperature unit selection and location search. You can add as many locations as you want to check the weather details and you can easily switch between them to get weather details from each location.

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